Sugarcane alcohol is nearly half of all the alcohol produced in the world. Sugarcane, a tall grass plant known to humanity since ancient times, is a cost and energy efficient crop for sugar, molasses and alcohol manufacturing. Given the high level of yield, sugarcane is also the most environmentally friendly.

Excellent chemistry of sugarcane alcohol makes it indispensable and adaptable for nearly any use. Alcohol from sugarcane is used in the food and beverage industry, biofuel production, pharma and cosmetics.

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Nedstar uses a range of HDPE premium quality drums and cans for safe and reliable storage and transportation of liquid products. To prevent spillage drums and cans are closed with extra tight plugs and seals.

We offer sturdily built and durable 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). IBCs are large containers used for storage and transportation of fluids and materials in bulk quantity.

ISO Tanks are certainly an option when transporting hazardous and non-hazardous fluids in large quantities, guaranteeing safety and efficiency to your shipment.


Kosher Certified products from Nedstar bear the credible stamp of kosher certification. Our products comply with the most demanding kosher standards.

The HACCP certification guarantees the shipment safety by identifying and controlling possible hazards. At Nedstar we provide you with HACCP certification whenever it is needed.

ISO 9001 is a globally acknowledged standard for the quality management of businesses and product quality control. At Nedstar we supply our customers with ISO certified products that tick all the boxes of regulatory compliance and client demands.

We supply you from, and to, anywhere in the world